This week, Maxime Bernier was purged from Andrew Scheer’s shadow cabinet for, according to Scheer, publishing parts of a book that Bernier had agreed not to publish until after he retired.  Scheer’s other reason, was that Max had been disloyal in the act of having his own opinions.

The best way to explain all of this is with a brief timeline.

On or around April 10th, 2018, Bernier’s publisher released a sample chapter, free to the public, to promote the book ahead of its release.  That sample chapter (downloaded, linked, and shared countless times) inspired the very liberal media outlet Globe And Mail to write an article implying Bernier was challenging Scheer’s leadership.

Scheer then, reacting to the article, went to Bernier and made him agree to not publish the book until after Maxime retired.  I should not have to say how draconian such an edict is, especially for a leader who claims to stand for free speech and free expression.  After all, this was the same Andrew Scheer who, on the 27th of April, slammed Justin Trudeau for censoring his own MPP in a similar way:

But, to my dismay, Bernier agreed, and that was the end of it.  No book to look forward too, and life moved on.

Then, on June 5th, Bernier published a link to the already published chapter on his website, ostensibly for his supporters to read.  No new press release.  No new content.  Just a humble text link.

The liberal Globe and Mail, however, always looking for ways to sabotage the CPC, jumped into action, and published an article saying Bernier was defying Scheer, spinning a narrative that Bernier had published something new (which, as noted, he had not).

The Globe and Mail article basically concocted a story, crafting an inflamatory headline, around what was nothing more than a link to something released months ago.  It was an old story.  A nothing burger; made to look like a banquet burger and fries.

And Scheer, again, took the bait.  He willingly jumped into action, dancing to the Liberal presses’ tune, kicking Bernier out of his Shadow Cabinet at the behest of a fake news story written by the Globe and Mail, and alienating half of his base.

The Liberals themselves could not have done a better job themselves at disrupting CPC harmony.  You almost have to hand it to them:  If they can goad Scheer to action so easily, why even invest the resources in fighting him themselves?

If this is all it takes for Scheer to turn on half the party, what else can we anticipate him doing to satisfy the Liberal Party base in the future?  How will he react to the next media hit piece on one of his prominent members?

I have been informed by many that I am the bad guy for supporting the facts and free speech, and pointing all this out.  He kicks the base in the face, at the behest of the LPC’s media wing, yet those like me who are crticial are the traitors.

To a funny place conservatism has gone in Canada…

P.S.  Those of you who keep making it about the leadership race, and then getting triggered when I explain those facts as well: You are not listening.  This is not about the leadership race.

Andrew Scheer is the leader:  Full stop.

But from siding with Trudeau on the Paris Accord (in support of a carbon tax he claims to oppose) to kicking his members in the face (Trost, Bernier, etc.) at the behest of Liberal media (remember him throwing Ezra Levent under the bus, anyone?), he isn’t doing the best of jobs.


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