The leadership vote has been corrupted.

The same group of insiders that oversaw rigged nominations over the past two years has made a two-tier system that favours their hand-picked elites over regular party members.
Instead of cleaning up the system for all members, the Party sent verification codes by email to a “select group” of VIP insiders.
MPPs, candidates, riding Presidents, and of course – members of the leadership rules committee (LEOC) itself.
The Party decided their votes are more important than regular members.
As of last night, only 1/3 of the members have been able to register to vote.
135,000 legitimate, card-carrying members are left out.
The Party knows the voting process is a disaster.
So they’re taking something that’s broken and making it corrupt.
Is it because they favour a certain candidate?
Have they already decided who should win?
All members have an EQUAL right to vote.
You shouldn’t be treated like a second-class member just because you aren’t a big donor or don’t have a media profile.
Only Christine Elliott is against extending the vote to make sure all members can cast their ballots.
The party insiders are siding with Christine against the thousands of regular members who can’t vote.
How can Ontario voters trust us to clean up after Kathleen Wynne if we can’t hold a fair leadership race?
It’s time to clean up the Party.
– Doug

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