This morning I received an email from a friend relating to me that Graham Hancock had settled on a name for his next book (America Before).

I fire off a quick reply to say that I am stoked.  Graham is a great researcher.  One among a host who think outside the box, often change their ideas when evidence overwhelms their former convictions, searching for answers to one of the most wondrous question I have ever encountered: Who are we, and where did we come from? 

I then go out and do a few hours worth of activities, and the God’s have been good to those who love the outdoors today.

I come back in a short while later, and guess what?

Youtube is full of Graham Hancock recommendations.

I am not surprised. I’d have to be stupid to be surprised.  I just want to know how: It wasn’t audio, because I didn’t say the words out loud, and I didn’t type them into any device.

It has to be Google, right? Looking for key words in my emails, as they ever throw content at us via the algorithm consuming all our data.

Or it could be the hosting company, I suppose. Selling your info to Google, getting it via your hosted email service.

Heck, it could be my I.S.P., taking everything, and flipping it for a few cents.

The end result is the same: There has never been a better time to be brave and face your fears as there is nowhere left to hide them.

Downright dreary, eh?  Grim reality, backed up by a dark and ominous statement. A thunderhead black as soot looming on the horizon…

It need not be so.

You can still make privacy.  You can still choose to unplug.  No one is making you put Alexa in the corner (as overt, and in your face, a success of Total Information Awareness as has yet been actualized via the litmus of commercial viability).

It’s a joke, however.  Even without this Amazonian spy witch, every one of us walks around with a perfectly accessible, fully hackable device of immense technological sophistication.

Smart phones are a mecca to a child of the 80’s.  Everything I could have had, or conceived of having, in terms of technical capacity in the 1990’s now sits in my pocket, and you can get one for free if you sign a contract (there isn’t even any blood!).

People have opted in, voluntarily.  It doesn’t do any of us a lick of good to talk about “They” when We willingly deployed “Their” technology.  It has many advantages running alongside its disadvantages, and I don’t need to list them:

But this is an “Our” sort of subject.  We own it.  We are willing participants.  We opted in.

The sin, however, came when we opted out of our collective responsibility: To be wise about the consequences of our own choices, and owning the results.

The internet is the wild west still, yet massive corporations and government are playing cowboy right alongside the black market. As has been the case since the dawn of time, it’s hard to figure out where one starts and the other stops.

Opt back in with me.  It is time and you are powerful.

Life is serious business, and in this great, modern, post privacy age, the potential is still far greater than the risk:  Nothing is out of reach, and there is only us.



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