It’s now Tuesday June 06, 2017, and the expectations about pending revelations in regards to the CPC leadership vote that have been building up since last week, and over the weekend, have fizzled into nothingness.  The anonymous sources I spoke to, and all the talk of going public with what they saw/experienced, hasn’t materialized into visible reality as of this morning. 

The week is young, and things could still happen, but humanity has a chronic problem: We all want change, but we lack the courage to willfully act to achieve it.   It seems like the vast majority are worried about putting their name to any point of view that someone, somewhere, might dislike, or are worried over the damage they could do to their careers.

In general, self interest and fear are the perennial enemies of the truth.

So, the press goes to work with their spin, attacking the CPC’s new “leader” with abandon.   He is an easy target, and his weak leadership thus far hasn’t made things any more difficult for them.   From standard, safe, talking point arguments read from sheaf’s of paper, excusing himself from taking positions on potential vote fraud and leaks of party data, to making himself the butt of a national joke at a Press Gala this week (got milk?), Andrew Scheer seems content to walk the party down the path of mediocrity.

Worse, the people in the party happy with the outcome insist this is the best we can do, and have no concrete plan for achieving anything with it outside of prayer and wishful thinking.

Hell, most of them can’t even explain themselves or their views in any articulate way beyond sloganeering, at best.  Instead, they rely on insulting their detractors in the party, hating on anyone who is French, cursing, swearing, endless streams of exclamation marks and CAPS LOCK, and in general, sewing the seeds of inevitable loss.

And those of us who rationally know better are powerless.  We watch as the ship sails directly into the crags, from our perch atop the rigging, powerless to change course or halt the momentum, knowing we will pay the heaviest price for the error’s of our crew and leadership. 

I wish there were more brave women and men willing to take risks in the name of the right thing, then there are who will sit on their hands, whilst biting their tongues, all in the name of self preservation.  But I digress.  The western world is the way it is due to the gradual weakening of the human condition.   I would save humankind from the crisis’ this inevitably creates, but like all before me who shared my view of things, in times such as these, only disaster will wake us collectively from our slumber.

In contrast to Canadian conservatism, lacking as it is in integrity, and willing to sacrifice all to retain Nerf ball politics as a norm, the American’s are ahead of the times, yet again, in taking bold positions, and attempting to chart a course out the malaise and androgyny globalism has dumped on them.  Trump, embattled as he is, has used the power of the Executive Branch to cut regulations, pull out of the TPP, the Paris Climate Accord, and begin the task of reforming America.   Sure, on certain files he has charted a different path than the one he espoused during the campaign (specifically, in the Middle East and on Russia) but it’s hard to blame him: He is up against 70 years of established norms and deep state power. 

One man alone is not enough to make sweeping changes in a Republic.   What he has accomplished thus far is impressive compared to what he is up against, but if he is to be successful, he will need hundreds of women and men in Congress, the Senate, and the courts to line up with him.  And that, my friends, will take years.   There will be give and take, and we have to hope it doesn’t lead to a clash between the Great Powers in the process, as it has in the past. 

It is hard not to envy America for having taken a different path from the status quo, and it is equally hard not to hope for it’s success.  They have elected in Trump a man who shoots from the hip, and fights bravely against the mainstream Marxists in the culture war.  The assault on political correctness is a most welcome thing, and opens the door to an honest assessment of global problems that the cloak of speech limitations and enforced social norms prevents.  Will the rest of the world catch on?  Will Europe learn?  For that matter, will Canada? 

Considering the electoral results of recent elections in many places, the future fertility of the garden of new ideas is in doubt.  Again, it is down to a lack of brave people, willing to say the difficult things, do the difficult jobs, and take even limited risks.  Mediocrity is the strategic choice of the masses, embracing their fears, and hiding within them.  To those of us living bravely, it is a slow moving tragedy.

Hell, people don’t even want to hear dissenting voices:  Almost everyone, universally, on the left and on the right, decry Facebook or Twitter and their thinly veiled censorship programs that seem to target anyone who makes rational points, on a consistent basis, while letting the extremes flower.   It is almost like they are pursuing an agenda, but I digress.

The same people complaining are the same as those who block out opposing voices for making effective argument, 9 times out of 10, or so it seems.   The problem is not Facebook or Twitter’s brass alone, but a culture of censorship.   Social media makes it all to easy to create echo chambers, which people do with abandon.  Groups with names suggesting they are open to all people of a particular political stripe or brand (Conservatives For 2019, for instance) in fact are hyper partisan groups where only a particular strain of anti-Trudeau mania is allowed, with all other voices eventually purged.

The people doing the purging are the same people complaining about Zuckerberg, and yet they fail to see the positive correlation between their actions and the culture of censorship we are subject to.

Another concerning reality of public discourse is the prevalence of polarized extremes, like that which exists, for instance, on the subject of terrorism.  It seems you are only safe and acceptable if A.) You think all Muslims are the spawn of Satan or B.) That all Muslims are virtual avatars of perfection who do nothing but distribute rose petals to the masses.  If you take the middle path, which involves recognizing that most Muslims in the west don’t want Sharia Law, value freedom, and just want to live their lives, while at the same time recognizing that there is a massive, backwards, cultural problem in the world of Islam, it is akin to having one foot on the left side of a fence, one on the right, and taking the pickets right to the nuts as you walk along.

People want to feel they are right in a definite black and white way, rather than pursuing truth for truth’s sake.  They seek to preserve the absolute illusion of their own perfection, lying to themselves and to others, enabled by the pats on the back received from others engaged in the same thorough self deception.

The truth doesn’t matter, only the camp.  If you are not pro or anti exclusively, no one wants you, and it seems you are the one who will be censored by all equally.  There is no room in the echo chamber’s of the internet for nuanced thinking. 

What is the answer then?  On this bleak rainy day, of which in my area of the world there has been so many of late, I have no idea.   I have been censored more than anyone I know, for far less, and when I try to break through the bubble with a different approach, I get censored more.  I am one voice, one pair of hands, one mind, trying to reason my way through the malaise of the everyday of discourse, and today, at least, I am content to be lost in the grayness of the weather.