Over and over again we see the same thing: Indiscriminate killing done in the name of Islam.  If you look online, there is a record of the outpouring of joy within Muslim circles when news of this killing was breaking (example below).

When are we going to worry more about an ideology of violence, and doing something about it, and less about being worried we might offend someone?  The people who back these attacks (according to available surveys, and depending on the metric, they number anywhere from 10 to nearing on 50 percent of the Muslim population in Europe) are at war with the west, and don’t mind these sorts of attacks.

Liberals think we can love this problem out of existence.  Or they pretend it doesn’t exist and somehow that will solve all our problems.  Or they work to make it illegal to talk about the facts, as Canada is working to do today with M-103.  But we have to talk about it.  We have to oppose it.  There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims out there begging us to listen when they relate how extreme the societies they once lived in are. We are not listening. Our government seem very cozy in their delusions, and so do a whole lot of people (mostly white progressives).

Isn’t it time we called a spade a spade and worked with moderate voices in Islam who are courageous enough to speak out about this violence, saying Islam is not a religion of peace, and that it is in desperate need of reform?  Rather than trying to silence dissenting voices through law, isn’t it time we listened, and empowered them to lead the way into the future by reinterpreting their faith to fit with secular democracy and the laws of decency? As we speak, more people are being radicalized, and we cannot stop it if political correctness denies the voice of reality.



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