In response to continuing false, and rumor based, “journalism” coming out of the New York Times, and others, the President Elect took to social media to correct the record.

The media is doubling down on the same stupidity they practiced before the election, and this is EXACTLY what I wanted to see Trump do.


Is the President having the ability to counter attack the media a dangerous precedent to set? Absolutely.

Is the media a corrupt, lying shell of it’s former glory? 100 percent.

This is necessary change, folks. Before I got the news this morning, I heard directly from Donald Trump that something was amiss.  That is true power, and so long as it’s honest, it cannot be defeated.  

This is change you can bank on, and forces everyone to deal in truth, or be destroyed.

As much as this change is vital, it also creates great responsibility for the public to up their civic duty game.

We need to wrest the control of truth from the hands of those who would lock it away behind closed doors, and who have elevated themselves as God’s over thought.  The mainstream media has decided their job is no longer to report, but to write the correct version of history.  We, together, will restore the 4th estate with a dose of the 5th estates medicine.

Trump furthers this fundamentally needed restoration, and so to do all of you, potentially.  Become informed, involved, talkative, literate and respectful citizens.  Liberate the truth, and sunder the lie.  You have never been as empowered as you are in this moment.


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