I admit that my world view is skewed.  I have largely eliminated talking heads from my media consumption habits, and have done so specifically because of how common Megyn Kelly’s have become.
From that idiot John Oliver, to Geraldo, my world has become a better place without them, their networks, and their psychological manipulations.
Kelly is a gifted spin doctor, and a great lawyer. She is quick witted, fast with tongue, and lethal in her tactics. How many minds does she influence and poison with her well developed and deployed approach?

Gingrich is no hero of mine, but he responds well.
But she manages to spend the entire interview bashing Trump with unsubstantiated rumor, while avoiding covering the things Gingrich brings up, and claiming shes talking about them when she isn’t, at the same time.  Talk about talent!
The problem, for honest people, is that we cannot easily lie.  Spin machines, like Kelly, are afire with vernacular and emotionally manipulative options because they have little or no moral compass restraining them.
The only thing that matters is the pursuit of the current goal.
It’s difficult to accept, as an honest person, that anyone could lie so often, so resplendently, without remorse.  That they do not feel compelled, by a call emanating from the inner being or soul, to pursue honest dealing.  That they are liberated from feeling the need to pursue the truth.

But here it is, and it is far to common:  8 minutes of Trump bashing in regards to rapidly unraveling rumors, during a prime media time slot, rather than covering real and far more important events.  Gingrich is right on every point, but watch how the feisty, aggressive Kelly tries twist at every turn.

She is unrestrained by integrity, and this is the power of our adversaries…