I was listening to an old Drudge interview, and he talked about the infinite possibilities the internet presents, and yet, people allow themselves to be painted into social media boxes built upon structure and limitation.

It really struck me, and raised the question; Can we get people to move outside the boxes they’re in, both as viewer and as content creators? I think so. We moved from the television to the computer not so long ago.

But now we find ourselves painted into new boxes.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the new corporate media hegemons.

We are so early in the process that I think this view, and having a clear view of the consequences, is way ahead of its’ time.

But in a world of fluid identity where every form of expression is gaining license, why is it all committed individualists (one can debate how individual we actually are another time) restrict themselves by only expressing that individuality on a handful of very limited platforms?

We exist in sea of unlimited potential containing Infinite diversity of possible expression and styling, and yet we allow ourselves to be herded into another corner because a few extra clicks are inconvenient.

Can it change? Absolutely. But that chapter is still unwritten…


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