Kasich is getting scary. Watch the clip, and see the desperation.
You can see Cruz is succumbing to the pressure as well, and Trump just rolls on: BEING HIMSELF!!
The most important part of this whole election isn’t ideology. It’s not the left or the right. It’s not about your feelings.
IT IS about right, and wrong. Real versus fake. Fiction versus Non-Fiction. Truth versus the lie.
Screw socialism. Screw libertarianism. Screw the right, screw the left. Screw all of you, and SCREW ME while you’re at it.
The sum of my idealism isn’t worth a pinch of racoon shit at this point in history, and neither are any of yours.
Truth, or the lie: That’s all you get, and it’s never been clearer.
Truth is it’s own ideology, and it’s the only religion worth having.
Any worthy ism not yet manifest that will ever become lasting is rooted in that one principle. You do not need a god to worship Truth, yet in Truth are all gods worthy of worship.
Truth is the ultimate collection of worthy politics.
It’s such a revolutionary idea that we don’t even know what the hell it will look like when we finally get around to building something out of the concept, rather than just another heap of lying-to-ourselves horseshit.  I’m not talking here of physical buildings, governments, companies, etc.  I’m talking about mental building.  The philosophies we construct with our minds, and that which underpins them.

The Kingdom Come is nothing but a manifestation of telling the truth and doing the right fucking thing: Period.

Surely to Christ, Christians and Atheists, and hopefully others, can agree on that point, on some basic level.

Watch Kasich lie. Watch the desperation.
We are better than this, humans. Much better.