What I get from this article is that it isn’t Trump playing to the politics of fear, but the Democrats, and his Republican opponents, along with the mainstream media.

People have been begging for someone to do something about the rot at the heart of America, and now they have a strong, unabashed candidate who can actually fulfill that dream, and they are scared because he might follow through, and do it.

What did people think it would look like?

Ghandi failed, folks. Millions died because of his failure. I don’t want to diminish his quiet power, and his influence on my life, but even he knew, at the end, that he failed.

If you want a political and social revolution, it’s going to require strength. Strength can be a scary thing, but so is all change. When has a transitory phase of your life ever made you feel good while it was happening? I’m talking here of the bad breakup, when you got fired, when a loved one died…

These things make you feel terrible, but when you look back on them, later in life, how often is it that they were necessary transitory stages that led to even greater things?

You cannot have your cake and eat it, too. You can’t elect weakness and expect greatness.

The history of pacifism is one of going from defeat to defeat.

Change is a force of strength.

Am I nervous about this time in our history? Certainly. Does Trump represent unknowns? Absolutely. Does he represent someone who will inevitably take charge of government, and break the ongoing political quagmire in the United States? My guess, again, is absolutely. He could shatter both political parties. Is there an element of gambling involved? Certainly.

But things can no longer go on as they have been, and he is the only guy with the skills to do anything about it. This is necessary.

Change is always risky, but that doesn’t make it any less necessary.



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