Not all elites are deviant, and not all deviance is elite.

“Elite Deviance is a condition sociologists say exists in a society when the elite of that society no longer believe that the rules apply to them.   It is not due primarily to psycho-pathological variables, but to the institutionalization of elite wrongdoing…

Elite Deviance is an anomaly in which a tiny few people who have enough material wealth, political influence, and personal connections can immunize themselves from considering the consequences of their most abhorrent, destructive, vile, and even criminal behavior…

Elite Deviance protects and perpetuates moral depravity and debased ethical relativism among the powerful and wealthy in our midst.  It is an aberration of civil society that is only possible through the elites’ cadres of supporters, sycophants, apologists, and fellow travelers in media, academia, politics, and high finance…

In short, Elite Deviance means that there are a few among us to whom the rules don’t seem to apply.  They can behave with impunity in ways that would otherwise incur severe, if not life ending, repercussions for all others in the American criminal justice system.

This pertains to the Bushes as well as the Clintons.”

– Roger Stone, a highly prized consultant, and insider, through the 1970’s and 1980’s, who has courageously exposed the “royalty” in the United States, and pursues their eventual destruction.  Roger was Donald Trump’s campaign manager, until he quit to free himself of legal constraints that held him back from fully executing his desire to see Trump elected.

As I wrote at the start of this brief article, not all elites are deviant.  Stone knows this, and I know it.  Trump will oust the criminals, and overthrow the oligarchy, and that should be enough for anyone.

Changing gears, I have returned from a long, introspective hiatus.  This was to be a single book review of one of Stones works, but now instead of reviewing one book, I am going to be doing a review of Roger Stone.  Considering our place in history, and the critical roll he is playing, it is a worthy and rewarding examination.

Stay tuned…


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