Is it “spreading hate” to point out a popular U.S. Imam is spreading hate?

Meet Yasir Qahdi (840,000 followers on Facebook, and growing).

While I don’t endorse the editing style, in the linked video, he makes the case that all Christians, Jews, and non-believer are less than piss.  Lower than feces, beneath even the basest of animals.

As such, he explains not only the justification for Jihad, but also the theft of all non-muslim property.  The only way to protect yourself from this holy theft is by accepting Islam, otherwise your possessions are forfeit.

Is it hate speech to point out what he himself is saying, and what at least 840,000 people are absorbing?

Give it a watch (or just watch from 1:30 forward if you’re impatient).

In fairness, I want to say, ISIS publicly wants this guy dead.  Yasir has appeared on CNN, and he is a moderate force that the hard line of Islam would see silenced by the sword.

Think about that…

Now imagine the outcry if it was a Christian preaching along these lines about Jews, Muslims, or any group for that matter.  Further imagine if that Christian represented a more mainstream, moderate force.  The implications are compelling.

Why is it hate for one party, and not the other?  Why is it hate to point out the obvious hate speech of a Muslim, but not hate when the Muslim is actually hating?

Equality is equal for all.  We either have free speech for all, or we have restrictions for all, but the principles must be applied equally, without fear of reprisal or shame.


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