Ignoring aspects of reality that fail to align with our ideological preferences doesn’t render that reality any less real.


Radical Islam is a problem.  We can argue all day about who made it, who encouraged it, or how it’s wrong to say all Muslims are evil, etc.  and we would be standing on solid ground to do so.

But none of those discussions can take away from the reality that there are hundreds’ of millions of people living in a way that we in the West cannot even fathom.  We have no business trying to super impose how we choose to see the world, based on our own experience of life, over what life is like on the street in Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc., for those living it.

National laws in many of our allied Islamic states encourage what we consider pedophilia.  Encourage the enslavement of women.  Encourage the persecution of other religions.  Enshrine the repression of free speech.

A Saudi woman has no rights.  A Saudi child can be sold, medieval like, to an aged Prince to serve his depravity.

The lower on the societal totem pole you go, the worse it gets.  To be a child, growing up on the streets of Karachi, you are virtually guaranteed to be sexually abused.  That’s millions of children, in but one city.  This is a real problem.

What I am saying is real, whether you, or I, like it.

Nothing I’ve said here should be in the least wise controversial, unless, of course, ideology, or some other belief system, clouds your judgement.  It is not racist to call out a significant segment of the world of Islam for what it is.  It would be racist to lump all Muslims together, and that is not at all what I am doing here.

Radical Islam has infected Europe.  Look what the French are finding as a result of their raids.  Look at what is coming out of some mosques, teaching kids how to cut heads off stuffed toys in the name of God, etc.  Jihad is being taught, in many places, and it is an impending problem.

It just is what it is.  Ignoring it doesn’t eliminate the reality.

It’s not yielding to some sort of “politics of fear” to say so.  Its the politics of reality, and we have every reason to be very careful in how we proceed.

The governments of the west are blinded by liberalism, refusing to see that the most orthodox, violent, conservative force this world now knows is at the door, threatening not only other religions, but also secular society.

In fighting for a sense of liberal identity, in denial of the truth, we ensure that identities’ loss.

Further, and more philosophically, why is fear so abused?  What is wrong with knowing fear?  Fear is an instinct.  Fear is a driver of learning.  It is a useful tool, granted by Providence, alongside all our other instinctive or emotional responses to help us survive, and prosper.

Fear is useful.

Is it not proper to fear at the right time?  Does not fear warrant honor in the face of threat?

Fear is not, nor has it ever been, a sin.



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