The Conservatives under Ambrose still don’t get it.  Bombing ISIS alone cannot beat ISIS.

We need to do so much more, as a world, to fill the vacuum of the Middle East, and restore what we so took for granted in the late nineties into the early 2000’s, when greed and pride broke the world.

Truly, we peaked.  The abyss of historical inevitability yawns before us, and if we now fail to release our ideologies, we will be over the edge.

Socialists.  Fascists.  Communists. Liberals.  Conservatives.  Anarchists.  Warmists.  Skeptics.  Gnostics.  Atheists.  Christians.  Jews.  Muslims:  Your ism’s are no shelter, nor solution.  Love alone is not enough.  Love without logic is an empty vessel making all manner of promises, yet yielding no wine.

Your beliefs are nothing but wind.

There is only right and wrong, and if we don’t get it right, the world we know will no longer exist.  A new, darker, time will take hold,  and our lives will be grave things again.

Empathy in logic, and pragmatic triage.

It’s do or die.

We have pots boiling over everywhere, and some are spilled outright. The chef is drunk, or senile, or otherwise incapacitated.  It matters not how or why: The cook is out of commission, and people are panicking, or arguing about the dinnerware. The dinner guests must get over themselves, and act on what matters, or there will be no meal.


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