I’ve watched the interchange between Trump and Ramos three times since I watched it, live, for the first time.

Each time, I am looking for a way to condemn Trump for his handling of the situation, and each time, I come away empty handed.  Ramos is a cowardly, biased little man parading around as an objective reporter.  He went to Trump’s press conference looking for a fight and to make an ideological statement, grandstanding for all his viewers to see,  and nothing Trump said would have been good enough for him.

He wanted conflict, and to create the maximum amount of disturbance possible.

I have noticed that those in the in the orbit of Trump are always working to advance their own interests via the enormous attention Trump gets for simply knowing how to handle the media.  Ramos is no different.  He went there, looking for a fight, and to promote his own bias, and he got what he was looking for.  Instead of asking questions like a reporter, he spent his time editorializing like a pundit.

Trump was very patient, and gave him far more time than he deserved.  Ramos has said Trump is a source of racial hate, but the truth is, it’s guys like Ramos who do the most to promote racism in modern times, and to keep it alive and well.  They continually stoke the fire, rather than let it die out.  They continually take position statements of anyone critical of illegal immigration, and twist them for the purpose of race-baiting.  These guys, and girls, make their livings and reputation off the continuation of a race war that is otherwise looking for a way to die.

I have no respect left for this little man.  I’ll grant that it does take a certain amount of courage to try and take over a press conference, and face off against a charismatic man like Trump.  But all is lost to cowardice when you do so for the purpose of making yourself look like a victim to gain ratings and followers.

Jorge Ramos: You discredit the profession of journalism.  You are a pundit, and a political activist, and that is, indeed, fine.  But parading around like a victimized journalist when you received far more than your fair due is pathetic.

It might also be noteworthy that his daughter is working for the Clinton campaign at the top level.

I am not a big fan of O’Reilly, but I have to admit that in spite of being Trump’s friend, he has been consistently tough on him, and he does a great job here of echoing my own feelings.