I want to keep this brief, and let the video do the talking for the most part.  To set up what happened tonight, this reporter (George Ramos) went to Trump’s pre-speech presser on behalf of Univision (a massive media conglomerate).  Trump is at war with Univision, and I’ll explain why momentarily.  The important thing about tonight is in this first video you can see Ramos get ejected from the event, and rightly so.  Trump is one of the most accessible people to ever enter politics in terms of media relations, and he gives it to critics and friends alike. 

If you wait your turn, you will get it, and his press conferences are very open and ordered.  Ramos was completely out of line here, and that’s the bottom line.

Watch this before continuing.

After his ejection he is allowed to return!  This is amazing.  In 20 plus years of watching and reading of politicians and historical figures, giving someone a second chance who was out of line, and is going for your throat, is an exceptional display of benevolence.

What follows is an intense exchange between Ramos and Trump, one that you WILL NEVER see a politician ever engage in with the media.  If you saw Hilary Clinton the other day, running from reporters, canceling her presser, over mildly hard questions (maybe a post about it is in order), you will have witnessed a great example of how extremely false and frail the average politician is.

Ramos and Trump go at it for 5 minutes, and Trump absolutely made the most of it, and handled it incredibly well.   Ramos was way out of line, way outmatched, and Trump showed immense character and strength in the engagement.  This guy, for better or worse, is the best leader America has had in generations.

When I say that, I mean charisma, strength, fluency in the common tongue, a man who is both above, below, and alongside the crowd.  This is the stuff history is made of, and it’s happening before our eyes.  The strength of his leadership is a scary thing: It is easy to get on a lion and ride, but getting off is another matter.  Trump is a lion, but what kind of lion is he?

As promised, one must understand that Univision dropped two of Trump’s beauty pageants over his stance on illegal immigration, and in the process, hurt hundreds of people who, whether you like the premise of a pageant or not, worked very hard to make it all happen.  Thus, Trump sued them, over that, and blatant misrepresentation of his stance (essentially slander).

Without further ado, the Trump/Ramos exchange.


I mean really?  Is a reporter supposed to tell a presidential candidate what they can and can’t do for 5 minutes?  Or is he there to ask questions?  When does reporting end, and political activism begin?  When does a news organization lose its claim to any semblance of impartiality or accuracy?  When do they  get recognized as simply not representative of actual journalism?



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