The first in this video series was previously linked within the post regarding record July 2015 temperatures, and explained how the myth of record warmth continues to be perpetuated.  This video focuses on a presentation at the International Conference on Climate Change, and many of the videos I share will be borrowed directly from this conference.

I have decided to write brief posts accompanying these videos, in the hopes concerned warmists might watch and come to understand how alarmism is psychological, not scientific, and represents fear mongering, turning the natural instability of the weather into a man-made monstrosity, in the pursuit of a desired outcome rather than a serious scientific endeavor with the goal of understanding our constantly changing climate.

The witch hunt realists like myself, and many others, are  subject to is quite real, and quite irrational.  The underlying psychology that keeps it alive is truly at the heart of the narrative, and the hardest thing we skeptics face.  We are under attack, we are underfunded, and we exist outside of accepted, and politically correct, discourse on the environment at this time.  The men who attend this conference have great courage, and the scientific debate rages on in spite of the media, politicians, activists, and emotional civilians, claiming it is over, and won in their favor.

I myself have argued this point, sometimes at great expense of time and energy, other times less so, for many years in many venues against all manner of irrationally minded people.  I have been called a Nazi, a friend of Hitler, ignorant, and many other lesser and greater insults.  I have been accused of being funded by big oil, and that my farm was a front for my real purpose, undermining climate change alarmism for the benefit of my supposed employers.   In that case, I spent a year and half debating in a forum read by a quarter million people, against people who attacked my character from every angle.  In the end, my facts could not be beat, and after 20,000 people quit the page, with no sign of the flight abating, I was finally censored and banned (along with several professors and other professionals who backed up my words with their credentials).

I am guilty of having a bias when it comes to this subject: I feel climate needs to be studied, observed, and honored, empirically, not in the control of politics and activism that does not promote our understanding of global climate systems, but preserves ignorance of it for the next generation.  I believe emotion needs to be divorced from science.  I believe activists with educations should not be allowed to dominate, and thus hold back, an entire field of endeavor, at a time when far more is unknown than is known, and as a result, little progress to improve our understanding of climate systems outside the lens of man-made global warming.

I am also a natural man; an environmentalist at heart, and my cause has been usurped by forces of international politics for a goal that will have no preserving benefit on the planet’s natural spaces.

With these things in mind, I hope you will consider the volumes of evidence I will offer up.  My hope is that, if you are a warmist, you will stay and talk it out, and do so calmly, and rationally, setting down any emotional passions you might carry into each day when it comes to the subject of climate change, and engage in a critical examination of your beliefs: There is no shame in admitting you’ve been had, and I was once very much where you are now.

I hope we can rescue a very important field of science from the clutches of politics, and I hope we can rescue environmentalism from the greatest scientific deception of modern times: Apocalyptic Global Warming.

The attached video is a short, 15 minutes summation of the psychological challenges realists face when coming up against the very irrational forces holding together the belief in catastrophic warming.